9 Safety tips: keep your pets out of danger from a coyote

An exercised Dog is a Happy Tail-Wagg’n Dog

People are concerned in many cities in Ontario about the fact that many wild animals, including coyotes, have adapted well to life in the city. Because of the plenty of food and shelter, and due to the fact that natural predators are limited, these animals will continue to live near us.

Encountering a coyote, although some people think is entertaining, is a situation where is best to be prepare and know how to react, especially when you are walking your dog or if you like to let your cat out through the day.

Coyotes show abnormal behavior when you see them snarling, baring teeth at humans, chasing or stalking (crouching low to the ground and hiding behind objects while following.

Something about Coyotes:

  • They breed from late January to March: gestation is 60-63 days. Each year they produce one  litter of one to 12 young.
  • At three to four  weeks of age the young will venture outside of their den and begin to  explore the world around them. Young stay with their parents until the fall.
  • Have an average  lifespan of six to eight years and weigh between 36-60 lbs and are active  during the day and at night. They do not hibernate, so you may see them in  winter.
  • They prefer a    habitat of mixed farm areas, swampland and parks. Park-like valleys that      flow through Toronto make a very attractive habitat for coyotes.
  • Coyotes may be seen      hunting in an open area or on the way to a hunting area just after dawn or  before dusk.

Reminders to keep your family and pets safe:

  1. Carry a bright  flashlight (bright light has been known to deter coyotes)
  2. Carry a personal  audible alarm (it will deter a coyote and bring attention to yourself in  case you needed help)
  1. Keep your pet  leashed at all times
  2. Keep an umbrella in  close reach (the action of opening/closing will deter a coyote)
  3. Avoid walking during key coyote activity hours (dusk and dawn)
  4. If you are  approached by a coyote make yourself appear larger and shout and/or clap your hands together
  5. Make sure the coyote sees you as a person and not as its next meal
  6. Stay calm, hold your ground
  7. Never run

Knowing what to do when confronted with a coyote is something can’t be taken lightly. Check out HighPark.Org for more information as well as the NasvilleCoyote.com Do your research, educate and be prepare. ‘For the love of pets’ – Keep Smiling. 🙂



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