2011: A LOOK BACK – 2012: A LOOK AHEAD

                                      An exercised Dog is a  Happy Tail-Wagg’n Dog!

We have arrived at that time of the year, when people around the world evaluate the last 12 months of their lives and how they want the coming year to start off.

2011 was a very important year for Tail-Waggers.  Tail-Waggers was established in 2011. The love and passion we have for animals and for our dog Mylo is what drives Tail-Waggers to be the best at what we do and to promote responsible pet ownership.

2011 was the year when we moved to Aurora after living Downtown Toronto for many years. Immediately we fell in love with the community, as well as surrounding area like Newmarket and the entire York Region.  Tail-Waggers represents a journey that we embrace knowing how important is to have our dogs and cats looked after when the owners can’t be around.  Beyond the dogs and cats that we care we are making a difference with their owners by educating them about responsible pet ownership through professional advice and life experience with other pets and pet organizations.

We launched Tail-Waggers Website, which continues to change as we keep adding more valuable information related to dogs and cats. At the site you can learn about the services we offer and how they work; the reasons for hiring a Pet Sitter and the benefits for you and your furry one.  A BLOG was also created and will continue to grow in the coming year.  We really hope you are enjoying the changes on the website and we are looking forward to hearing feedback from you.

Another important dynamic for us is to be active in the social media. That’s why the Tail-Waggers FACEBOOK page was created as a local community page for Pet Lovers where people can share pictures and videos of their dogs and cats, as well as any other pet related information. This page has also been a channel to promote dogs that are in need of their forever home. So, if you can’t foster or adopt, another way to help is to share the links on your Facebook that way more people get to know them.

Tail-Waggers on Twitter has an active presence constantly tweeting and engaging not only with Pet Lovers all around the world but also with small business in the York Region. It’s important for us to promote local business.

Although Twitter can be a bit overwhelming, we’re very happy with the results. We have over 200 followers; we participated in the #YRSBiz Twitter Party and gave away 2 Tail-Waggers Packages (free services and gift card). We got to meet great people from the York Region Community, Toronto and other countries.

In 2012 Tail-Waggers will be giving back more to the community.  Stay tuned for more details. We’ll keep on promoting responsible Dog and Cat ownership and will persist on making our services a VIP experience as we go beyond than just a walk or a visit for your pets in order to make them happy!

We wish you All the Best in the New Year and, we THANK YOU immensely for letting us to be part of you and your furry one’s lives! .- Keep Smiling 🙂

Tail-Waggers ‘s Team :

Evelyn, Vince and Mylo


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