1 blog inspired by my boxer Mylo

An exercised Dog is a  Happy Tail-Wagg’n Dog!

Welcome to Tail-Waggers BLOG! – For several months this project has been progressing slowly and I am glad to finally put the results on the table so I can share them with all pet lovers and those who may be thinking on becoming one too!

This space is about sharing with YOU my own experience raising a dog. Although it is a huge commitment it does not compare with the blessings and happiness it brings while realizing how our fury friends can inspire us to make major changes in our life and achieving our dreams. Mylo, my 15 months old boy Boxer is the reason Tail-Waggers was created.

At Tail-Waggers we offer dog-walking and pet-sitting services and we believe strongly that “balance and happiness” in doggies come from daily fun walks where they get exercised not just physically but mentally too.


This is Mylo when he was 10 weeks old.

This picture was taken the first week he spent home with us on July 2010.

When Mylo came into our life we were amateurs in the “doggy world” making the learning process stressful. Figuring out what Mylo was trying to communicate; which training techniques to follow, and what kind of food to feed him were just some of the obstacles we encountered.

Mylo used to love this pillow but as grew up it wasn’t big enough. 🙂

The breeder also gave us a blanket that had his mom’s smell so he wouldn’t miss his old house and  help him  get use to his new home.

Eventually things fell into place and now I am here talking about all the adventures we had in the past year but also eager to share new ones. This is a learning process, a FUN one and I thank you ahead for visiting my blog and hope you enjoy the ride! – Keep smiling –


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